3 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Hi There Man


Man today has been AWESOME

I got no idea what the fVck I’m gonna talk about, but I ‘m so pumped up on Life, I can’t think straight.

I’m having an incredible time so I’ll just keep on writing in this mood.

Because when you are in an incredible mood,

And you share … stories, yourself or your presence, words, jokes, whatever …

Everybody gets pumped up.

It’s contagious

It travels fast.

Lighting fast man

Either that,

or that Green Juice w/

Drum roll


Man that root is


Maybe it was that whole coctel in that green juice.

I don’t know …

Because I was pretty pumped up before that green juice,

But Ginger is amazing man

Boosts your immune system,

Protects you against cancer,

Has Anti inflammatory properties,

Protects your gut flora – your second brain, and usually the wiser –

And adds that incredible kick to your juice that just

Knocks it

Out Off The Park

Man, I got to put some Vodka in there sometime, lol.


Ooh, you need to add a quarter of a lemon too.

And that’s Perfection.


The other day I had the privilege on running to, not one, but


Rock stars, the real kind. The ones that play music.

Many people may act like Rockstars … almost everybody wants to be like a Rockstar …

Movie Actors, Soccer Players, Football Players, Socialites, TV people.

Almost everybody “famous” wants to portray a Rockstar image.

Mr. Duff McKagan. If you don’t know who he is, you’ve been living on a cave for the past 30 years.

And Mr. Josh Homme. And I’m gonna throw some help here, although he’s by far a legend by now, like the a fore mentioned McKagan.

Homme is the leader, guitarist, singer and composer of the band Queens Of The Stone Age. He also has several other side projects, like Them Crooked Vultures, and so on.

Dudes were coming from Rock in Rio. They weren’t traveling together.

Like any other regular folk, they were in the line up, waiting to enter to the US at the customs of Miami airport.

I asked each one of them for a picture and they kindly accepted.

It was 4 30 in the morning, we all looked like shit after more than 8 hours flying. Homme joked/complained a little about that, although he immediately posed with your friend here.

McKagan just said: sure!

Rockstars have such a charisma and magnetism,

That make women wet.

And men to admire them.

You see a Rockstar, a real one, and you have heard all their stories.

You almost feel like you know them.

You archive an image of them in your brain.

After all,

Music, as a perfectly mathematical expression of sounds,

Touches your soul

And you know what is the Quintessential trait of a Rockstar, and why everybody wants to BE ONE

Second drum roll …
FVck this should be a drum solo.

They Don’t Give a fVck


NO fVcks given.

At all.

That is the reason why everything else is possible.

The women,

The admiration,

The money,

The fame,

You name it.

Is that non neediness.

The absolute absence of external reference, that does the whole thing.

But that non neediness has an origin, a birthplace.

Which I’ll share with you in a second.

If you’ve ever heard about overnight successes,
History has plenty of them.
I completely disagree with people who plainly say that success has to come through hard work ONLY.
Of course working your ass off is important for success, but,
I say they say that, because deep inside they wish they were luckier before. At least at some point.
Back and forth there’s plenty of people who’ve had a split of a second “success” in whatever area in Life.
And they were, well … successful.
For a short period of time at least, they were.
They probably made some money too.
But the faster they ascended, and the height of that climb,
Leaves them in a place of turmoil.
Because they made it huge.
And remaining on that place, some of them – miraculously – got,
Being that career, business, personal, etc can … well …harm you.
Or in the more extreme circumstances, kill you.
Some people even do that themselves.
Nature’s way to even the score.
To keep around the ones who are worthy.
One of Man’s greatest fears is the fear of speaking in public.
The fear of having to address a group of people.
Back in the cave days, if you were to address your tribe, and you encountered massive disapproval, that could’ve mean getting your head chopped off.
No es weveo
So it’s easy to get paralyzed sometimes when addressing a bunch of people.
Being on the spot light.
Taking the stage.
But then, again, you have Rockstars.
That every time they take the stage, they meet MEGATONS of Positive Energy, of massive adoration, of massive desire from more than half of the people in the crowd.
40 – 60 thousand souls screaming your name. Cheering what you do as your passion.
Cheering what you set your life to be made of.
You are in THE ZONE
and then BOOOOOOM
Cheers of JOY
Every 5 minutes, when you hit the final note.
During 90-120 minutes.
Every time you do it.
What do you do with such immense amounts of energy?
How do you deal with that?
How you recycle that in your body and avoid loosing your mind?
Well, with shit loads of alcohol, drugs and sex, some would say.
A shotgun to your head, would be some other people’s solution.
OD, can do it too.
Getting to that height, to that level of success, of fans screaming your name in devotion is not for the weak of character.
Neither for the faint of heart.
It has to be a person that just doesn’t give a fVck
A kind of person who CAN do that, and survive the cost.
But the ZERO fucks given, by Rockstars, and anyone one who SURVIVE the turmoil of money and fame once they reach the top …
The ONE trait that can set them apart of the rest is …
McKagan has been around for three decades plus.
A, once you see him, regular man who’s just in love with music.
Because he’s carrying on his back his instrument, on a case.
A High School Drop-Out.
He has accumulated shit tons of money,
Regular passive and massive income always coming to his check account.
Every day of his life.
Until the day he dies.
And so do his grand children, as the right of his music’s royalties are inheritable.
Has fVcked trucks loads of women.
A sought after musician by every rock band.
He has never needed anything.
But to only focus in his Purpose.
The joy, passion, determination and discipline to,
Follow his true heart’s desire.
The only one trait in a Human being that can tackle, or at least resist The Ultimate test of success, fame and fortune is Purpose.
Well, and its sidekicks, named,
Determination, because you cannot embrace  your true heart’s wishes if you’re not willing to make that jump.
To take that Plunge.
That leap of faith.
Joy, because you have to LOVE what you do in order to inspire others, or attract others who will partner up with you in your Life’s journey.
A blind Faith in yourself and in your gifts,
And Discipline.
Because there are overnight successes, but they are rare.
Never said they were the rule.
I said that they exist.
But their existence is brief.
Because they lack in some department.
And if they lack any bit in any of the traits previously discussed,
They are washed off shore by the tidal wave of pressure, lack of focus, and procrastination.
There’s no other way to endure the test of Time.
Are you ready to be a Rockstar ?
Talk Soon