Dr. Daniel Urdangarin Castro
Born in Chuquicamata, has always been a keen advocate of Sciences, Arts and Sports.

On 1995 he attended Universidad de Chile where he got his degree of General Practitioner in Dentistry.

He then continued in his Alma Matter to pursue an Advanced Degree in Oral Implantology

Dr. Urdangarin’s passions are still on Sciences, Arts and Sports, being this last one one of his current fields of professional services delivering a brand new, scientifically edgy and unique approach to Health, Wellness and Transformational Fitness.

Lilibeth Cañizalez Barrios

Nacida en Trujillo, Venezuela

Tecnico Superior Universitario en Educación Instituto Mario Briceño Iragorry

Asistente Dental Centro Formación de Maracay

Asistente Clínica Kennedy Dentistry