How Media Is Sabotaging Your Success With Women

Hi there Man

I’m so fucking pumped up I just can’t believe it.

Life’s amazing, full of challenge and adventure

Women are great, and it’s awesome to feel their energy.

To feel feminine energy, for a man like WE are,

Dominant, Charming charismatic motherfuckers

It’s even more invigorating and makes you high on life.

There are men out there that there are always complaining about the lack of women

Or that there aren’t enough women around

Or that the women they meet are not “their type”

It’s true.

Not all of them are going to make the standards of US, or everyone for the matter.

It’s cool.

But that’s not the point.

The world IS permeated with feminine energy.

The air is feminine,

The water is feminine

Beer is feminine

It’s everywhere.

And if anyone is feeling that there’s a lack of “women” it’s because they are neglecting their masculine energy themselves. It’s good to look at the dude in the mirror and see if it’s HIM who’s not seeing the big picture.

Whenever someone feels that the world is lacking on something, or that there isn’t “enough” for everybody, they’re seeing things, not how THEY ARE PERCEIVING their reality,

But instead …

How they have been PROGRAMMED to perceive it.

There’s a message broadcasted every day, on almost every channel, every movie, songs, whatever.

That message is like a cock and ball torture. <——— 😖

And, by all means, it fucks up women too.


Before I forget, let me talk to yo about another subject …

Let me tell you about what else is making you neglect your masculinity BIG DEAL

Even more than you could possibly imagine

It’s sucking up your sex drive,

Making you feel less like a man

Robbing you of your manhood.


And it hurts me to say it to you man, but

It’s Beer man

When you signed up for this newsletter I told you I wasn’t going to sugar coat shit for you.

I told you I was going to be your best friend.

And friends tell the truth to each other.

Beer IS FEMININE ENERGY, that you graciously swallow by the gallons every weekend.

That’s why we, men, love it so much. We want to drink those bitches bottoms up.

Beer’s so packed up with phytoestrogens that your body, as it accumulates fat from all the calories of the beer itself … all those carbs and the alcohol,

Stops producing the optimal levels of Testosterone.

The big T man.

The big motherfucking T,

That makes you the MAN, you are.

The biologically active form of estrogens in men is Estradiol, and the primary source of estradiol in men is the aromatization of Testosterone.

With age, T levels start to decrease. But the aromatization of testosterone maintains its levels.

And this is because the aromatase, the enzyme that does this hideous thing on our bodies – that bitch – finds its playground in fat tissue, especially abdominal fat.

And If, by any chance you have started to put some weight on.

Getting that perimeter around your navel getting bigger and bigger as the years go by,

Getting rounder and rounder,

Those man boobs puffing out …

Well, you may be loading your veins with more estrogens than a pregnant chick man


Shit is serious man.

Cancer serious.

Heart Attack serious.

Hops are one of the more powerful phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogen) in the world – and all of this extra hops is causing havoc in our bodies.

Today, hops is far and away the most used plant-based estrogen, primarily being consumed through beer.

The result of all this extra hops is that your body will exhibit the secondary sexual characteristics of a woman.

Specifically, hops contributes to the buildup of extra fatty tissue in the chest, giving many men the appearance of breasts.

It also leads to testicular atrophy. That is, your testes will shrink and harden as the estrogen in your body overwhelms the testosterone.

Further, you will experience body hair loss, loss of libido, low sperm count and a dramatic reduction in erections.

Man, that sounds like The End to me.

And all due to fucking beer.

I am not saying that you should quit drinking beer. But instead, watch your drinking


Be aware. Apart from the damage that alcohol may cause to your body, environment, community, pocket, personal relationships, etc.

You are becoming a WOMAN man ! lol

But, seriously. Did you read what I wrote above … it said – self quote, I love this – “dramatic reduction in erections”

That means you can get your buddy


Bullshit, you might say … I get boners everyday man, fuck you man.

Good for you,

But don’t you want to keep on getting them ?

Or at some point you wanna retire your penis too ?

And if you are a fat dude with huge boobies.

You got to do something about that.

You have been warned.

There are of course natural ways to boost your T levels, but we are going to discuss them further on.

Right now. watch your beer intake. And all alcoholic beverages for the matter.

And as I told you before, I want to disclose, after the Easter Bunny and Santa, one of the biggest BS in the history of couples copulating.


The one is a counter-intuitive concept.

It jails in every one living the earth. And walks by the hand of its patient guardian.


The Universe, by all it means and everywhere you look, is ABUNDANT.

Stars, galaxies, planets, flies, corrupt politicians, homeless dogs, weeds, ants, sand on everything

On beer, cougars, hot chicks, air, water, earthquakes, fish, on everything.

feminine energy <———-> abundant

What the One is limiting you in, is your will to TAKE ACTION and go and experience life as it is.

Filled up, packed up, full of ONES

There’s not ONE, there are MANY.

And Once you start to approach Life with an abundant mindset,

Everything Changes.

Scarcity, as Dr. Robert Cialdini explains in his book Influence is… A weapon of influence.

It’s a mind-set designed to limit your thoughts and consciousness.

By offering but a few choices ——> generally only a couple.

And The One is a sub product of that.

Of course you are not going to have a relationship with every one out there, but if you stop focusing on The One, and switch to abundance, immediately you will get rid off a trait that simply repels women.


Yikes !

Everybody abhors neediness. And getting rid of The One is a great start to become successful In ANYTHING YOU DO.

But Doc, What if I really WANT a monogamic relationship ?

That’s cool too. But don’t do it for the WRONG reasons ——-> neediness, possession, social inheritance, family pressure, whatever.

Do it for the RIGHT reasons ——-> mutual growth, awesome sex, great times, mutual care and respect.

And always think about “relating” instead of “relationship”. Because “relationship “ implies an static state.

And in the Universe NOTHING is static. All is in motion. It abhors idleness.

You are always RELATING, experiencing Life THROUGH your woman.

Because that’s what YOU DO, you go through,


Because You are the MAN MF.

We are penetrating Life here and all its abundance

Talk Soon


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